Fabric Badges

Franklins has been supplying some of the biggest names in the UK & Beyond with quality embroidered badges, patches and more. From the scouts & guides, from events to the military. We know how to help.

Woven Labels

Woven labels for all uses, clothing, high end packaging and a variety of uses. We can customize to any use or need and supply quality at the most competitive of prices. We have produced labels for over 100 years

Commission Embroidery

Over the years Franklins have embroidered all sorts of items from workwear, sports clothing, team logos, corporate logos, school and nursery school clothing and badges, youth organisations etc. 

Third Party Logistics & Warehousing

3rd party logistics from Northern Ireland that sits within both the EU & UK. Allowing us to service both economic zones from one location. A fully gated 30,000 sqft building  between Belfast & Dublin. With competitive rates.

More Services

Woven wrist security bands.

A unique way of ensuring that an entry pass to an event can not be counterfitted. Popular, as it is also a keep-sake from the event giving the wearer that ‘I was there’ status. Great for large indoor and outdoor events.

Self Adhesive woven security entrance passes

specially designed laser cuts that tear-away, which means then can not be transferred from visitor to visitor.

Self adhesive woven QR codes

Take people direct to your web site in style. Perfect for samples, shows and exhibitions

Woven heat applied Logos

Woven heat applied logos for workwear, bags and more are perfect for getting things customized at a fraction of the cost of embroidery.  

Woven heat applied initials

Woven heat applied initials for garments are perfect for work wear and sports wear at a fraction of the cost of embroidery. Once applied the initials seem to meld with the base fabric itself and the result is superb.

Heat applied woven sports crests, embroidered edges.​

These take the effort out of making the sports kits you supply look as your customers want them to. Franklins are producing a high class product, as used by professional sports teams, across a range of merchandise, and is a more cost effective way of doing business. 95% of crests and logos are suitable for this process.  special yarns to make the design jump out of the weave giving an almost 3D appearance.

Zip Pullers

Woven zip pullers can be supplied filled/padded to create a raised 3D effect. Supply us with a JPeg of your design and we can supply custom made zip pullers. Ideal for promotions or branding. Easy to attach through the hole in the zip pull on any garment.

Tax Tabs

Woven tax tabs are a simple and inexpensive method of overcoming the UK HMRC personal tax liability of staff clothing.

A deduction can be permitted for clothing that is easily recognisable as a uniform.

Fixing a permanent and conspicuous badge to what would be ordinary clothing may be enough to make it a uniform. A detachable badge is not sufficient. This is where Franklins tax tabs come in.      

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