Garment Label Types

A number of types of woven fabric labels are available as a means of brand identity & reinforcement, brand promotion, and information on garments and other textile products. It is important for best effect to choose the most appropriate clothing label for your application. The three most common types of woven labels are:

1. Damask

This is the most common type of garment label. Suitable for high end uses, and a real enhancement to your brand image. The recommended option where finer images or texts are required. They give greater clarity, in detailed designs and texts. These labels are woven slower, with finer yarns, and higher weave density, than other labels, thereby giving a uniform weave, with added durability.

2. Satin

Satin clothing labels are usually less expensive than damask. They cannot present the detail of design of damask or taffeta labels, but offer a smooth, shiny, lustrous, soft appearance, and feel. Along with softer colours. This unique, soft, smooth, satin appearance is perceived as richer and more upmarket, and is therefore used in more prestige applications. Or can be used on infant garments to reinforce the perception of softness. The number of colours in a design may be limited to three.

3. Taffeta

A basic, but popular woven label, because of their lower cost. These labels are woven with a plain weave ground or base. This is a tight weave structure and produces a very stable, durable label. On this ground weave the design can be produced by a brocade weave effect. They are similar to damask labels but don’t have their rich appearance, nor the ability to carry such fine detail. Neither do they have the soft, smooth lustrous appearance of satin labels, but they can carry reasonably detailed designs, and text, and are very functional. They are the option for those requiring bolder images and text. These labels are often used for care instruction labels, because of their low cost. If your requirement is for any other type of label please contact a member of our sales team who will be more than pleased to help. We are prepared to help develop new labels for new or specialised applications.