Military and Emergency Services

Franklins manufacture a range of woven and embroidered badges that are suitable for military and emergency service applications and have been servicing this market for many years, meaning we understand the industry needs. We hope to make doing business easy, and have many satisfied customers nationwide. We work to strict quality standards and are accredited to ISO 9001:2000.

Woven & Embroidered Badge Suppliers

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About Our Military and Emergency Services Badges

We supply woven and embroidered badges, primarily direct to brigade and retailers, along with epaulettes, rank slides, stripes padded badges and pips for military uniforms in the UK & Ireland and other parts of the world.  We produce large quantities of TRF’s, Brigade flashes, DZ flashes, ISAF, Zap patches, Zap tapes, ID Tapes, ID webbing, Union jack and bloodgroup badges in MTP green, subdued, desert, forrest, urban and mono colourways. These can be sew-on or velcro finished.

We can also manufacture Flame retardant badges with Velcro backing which give protection against heat and flame to standard BS EN ISO 14116. These were originally designed for police body armour and helmets, but can have many other applications.

This standard BS EN ISO 14116 specifies the performance requirements for the limited flame spread properties of materials, material assemblies and protective clothing in order to reduce the possibility of the clothing burning and therefore avoiding hazard.

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