Garment Label Finishes


Once you have established the type of label you require. Our customers can specify any one of a number of options for the finish of their labels. The finish is an important consideration on how you decide to attach it to your product. The three common finishes are:


  • Cut & End Fold

A 5mm flap is folded back on both ends of the label to allow the raw edge to be concealed when sewn. This is a common type of label often used in shirt collars, or the like.


  • Centre Fold

A single fold in the middle of the label, popular for sewing into a seam. It allows, for example, a brand logo on one side and care instructions on the other. Always allow an extra few mm on each end of the label to allow for sewing it into the seam. This is the most common type of labels.


  • Hot Cut/Heat Sealed

Cut using a heat process resulting in a flat label with no folds. This seals the edges.  These can be sewn (gernerally on four edges), tacked, adhered, or ironed on.

Other finishes are available on request such as mitre fold, laser cut into the shape of your logo, or continuous roll.