Garment Labels

The main advantage of woven labels with woven text and design, over printed labels, is they do not fade in the wash. They also look richer, adding value to your product.

Several types of woven fabric labels are available as a means of promotion, information, and identification on garments and other textile products. It is important for best effect to choose the most appropriate clothing label for your application. Never underestimate their importance as they carry your brand image, and must clearly show changing fashion trends. Remember your label is akin to your signature. 

Even customers who have their garments or products made overseas, want to keep control of their label purchases, as any variation or compromise can damage their corporate image. Order with us and we can have labels delivered direct to your manufacturer from our factory in asia. Whilst allowing you to deal with local people in the UK.


The three most common woven labels types are:


1. Damask

This is the most common type of garment label. Suitable for high-end uses, and a real enhancement to your brand image. The recommended option where finer images or texts are needed. They give greater clarity, in detailed designs and texts. These labels are woven slower, with finer yarns, and higher weave density, than other labels, thereby giving a uniform weave , with added durability.

For a larger image of an example of a damask label please click here.

2. Satin

Satin clothing labels are usually less expensive than damask. They cannot present the detail of design of damask or taffeta labels, but offer a smooth, shiny, lustrous, soft appearance, and feel. Along with softer colours. This unique, soft, smooth, satin appearance is richer and more upmarket, and is used in more prestige applications. Or can be used on infant garments to reinforce perceptions of softness.

For a larger image of an example of a satin label please click here.

3. Taffeta

A basic, but popular woven label, because of their lower cost. These labels are woven with a plain weave ground or base. This is a tight weave structure and produces a very stable, durable label. On this ground weave the design is produced by a brocade weave effect.

They are like damask labels but don’t have their rich appearance, nor the ability to carry such fine detail. Neither do they have the soft, smooth lustrous appearance of satin labels, but they can carry reasonably detailed designs, and text, and are very functional. They are the option for those requiring  bolder images and text. These labels are often used for care instruction labels, because of their low-cost.

For a larger image of an example of a taffeta label please click here.

Woven Garment Labels



Once you have established the type of label you need. Our customers can specify any one of a number of options for the finish of their labels. The finish is an important consideration on how you decide to attach it to your product. The three common finishes are:


    A 6mm flap folded back on both ends of the label to allow for sewing. This is a common type of label often used in shirt collars, or the like.
    A single fold in the middle of the label, popular for sewing into a seam. It allows a brand logo on one side and care instructions on the other. Always allow an extra few mm on each end of the label to allow for sewing it into the seam.
    Cut using a heat process resulting in a flat label with no folds. This seals the edges. If softer edges are needed an ultrasonic version of this label is available. These are sewn, tacked, adhered, or ironed on.

Other finishes are available such as mitre fold, starched, die/laser cut into the shape of your logo, or continuous roll.

The minimum order quantity for labels is 1000 units. They can vary from neck labels, size and tax tabs, Jacket labels to being used as a design feature. You can specify all aspects of your label design.

If your need is for any other type of label please contact a member of our sales team who will be more than pleased to help. We can help develop new labels for new or specialised applications.


We at Franklin’s will never forget:


“Franklins garment labels are the silent ambassador of your brand”


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