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The benefits of Franklins Woven Badges

We were probably the first company to manufacture woven badges in their current form; a backed woven ribbon, to give a degree of rigidity; with an overlocked edge. No matter what your requirements, our approved yarns on our high speed looms can use up to eight of our exclusive range of colours to manufacture your design exactly how you want it. Badges are designed using the latest computer software that has been specifically developed for Franklins and your artwork is prepared & edited before being formatted for one of our electronic jacquard looms.

Woven badges are the most popular badges particularly for the military, emergency services, sports organisations Guiding and Scouting organisations.


Some of the benefits of woven badges are,

  • Woven badges allow much more design detail than embroidered badges, producing a much clearer image, and a much smaller badge where required.
  • When larger quantities are required, the woven, cloth badge is also generally a lower cost item to produce than an embroidered badge.
  • As the woven badge has a flat surface it is less likely to have its image removed by wear or abrasion, or to gain unsightly surface pilling, due to abrasion.

The benefits of using Franklins;

Embroidered badge suppliers

An embroidered cloth badge (or patch) is produced by a stitching process onto a base cloth to produce individual badges, or directly onto a garment, or other products. Franklin’s supply embroidered badges to youth organisations such as the Girl Guides, military, police forces, ambulance services, etc.


Some of the benefits of embroidered badges are,

  • Embroidered badges feature a textured and raised design effect, which gives more of a 3D appearance.
  • Embroidered badges are ideal when designs are required to be stitched directly onto garments, but they can also be ironed or glued onto garments, bags, shoes, etc.
  • Embroidered badges are more cost effective to produce in small orders

Franklins International Ltd. have over 170 years of experience to invest in your designs, and we work to high quality standards being accredited to ISO 9001:2000.


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